Martial Arts training that will get you fit for
self defense!



Get Confidently Fit For Self Defense!

with The White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program

백룡  도장

Baek Ryung Taekwondo Dojang 

Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo instruction, Ensayo Kali Tactical of Eugene, Oregon, USA Training Group

If you want to learn martial art sand get really good then it is a no brainer that hiring a personal instructor will get you there and faster than if you did large classes. It could be you alone or you could gather a group of friends and start up a small group. Master Allwander will come and teach you if you live in the Eugene/Springfield area. If you have a training space available to you at your house, church, office, school, garage, basement, backyard, whatever then that is sufficient! Learning martial arts 1-1 or in a small group of people you know can feel very comfortable and you have the privacy you need. Master Allwander is offering you full programs in the martial art of Taekwondo with belt ranks and more, Kali with rankings, and general self defense and Kickboxing. What are you looking for? Contact him today! 

Looking for serious and dedicated students who want to learn martial arts in Eugene, Oregon. Taekwondo! Kali! Kickboxing! MMA! Combative Self Defense training for all skill levels. Personal instruction and small groups available. Contact for information! [email protected] 458-221-0304

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         The best choice for expert instruction in Korean Taekwondo and Kickboxing for Fighting and Self Defense. This is full contact martial arts. Get your muscles moving for real world practical purposes! Kicks, punches, elbows and knees! This is not dance aerobic kickbox fitness. This is fitness for self defense! Precise and focused martial artistry for drilling masterful skills.

         The White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program will help you

  • to get fit for self defense with practical self-defense combatives, including women’s self-defense, and street awareness
  •  to have a great stand up MMA striking game with Taekwondo tactics and Kickboxing skills
  • and provide the ability for martial arts rank certification in the true art of Taekwondo and more! 



          If you want true martial arts instruction with emphasis on mastering technique; personal attention to help you get it right; to gain self defense knowledge that has a high percentage of actually working in a real fight with true martial arts discipline; and real physical fitness then the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program is for you! If you feel nervous or odd about going into a typical martial arts gym and want to be introduced to martial arts in a more personal, focused, and casual pace, then seeking a private trainer is something you should seriously consider. Do you have the desire, work ethic, determination, focus and self discipline to become a skilled martial artist? Let Instructor Andrew Allwander train in you the confidence it takes to be fit for self defense. Make an appointment with him today!

"I highly recommend taking the opportunity to train with master Allwander no matter if your goal is to get in shape, compete in MMA, or just to be able to defend yourself. Master Allwander helped me out tremendously with my last fight getting me fighter fit and conditioned. I won my fight!
I had the honor to train with Master Allwander for a short period of time in Alabama. He helped me prepare for my last MMA fight, Cardio, striking, endurance, strength and conditioning you name it. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to train with Master Allwander no matter the reason: self defense, to get in shape, Taekwondo ,or maybe even compete in combat sports. He has over 22 years experience in the fighting arts. It's not every day you have some one with that much experience and a great attitude."

- Devin Scott (amateur MMA fighter)

Honest, practical, and real 

martial arts training!

  • Learn to kick as hard as possible to destroy any attacker

  • Learn how to punch someone in the face effectively

  • Learn to throw people, sweep their feet out from under them, and slam people to the ground

  • Learn painful joint locks and how to break bad guys' bones and joints 

  • This is hardcore Taekwondo self defense training! 

Plus: painful pressure points and vital points, being aware of your surroundings, how to avoid fights, countering strikes and other attacks, have total confidence and be fit for self defense, learn a beautiful and lethal fighting art of Taekwondo, a Korean martial art. 
Learn to deal with weapons and how to use them such as blades and sticks through Filipino Kali.

Instructor Allwander

        Are you are tired of certain Taekwondo schools' extreme prices, corny atmosphere and gimmicks? Don't worry! 

        "You won't be oversold on special mandatory gear, excessive stripes, belts, patches and testings; and the skill assessment is realistic and productive for students who want to know exactly where they are at with proper ranks given.

        "This is also not daycare center Taekwondo baby sitting, but time is spent teaching martial arts instead of playing silly games and throwing birthday parties. If you want your kid to learn self defense, or you yourself want to learn true martial arts, then try out the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program! 

        "Serious and dedicated individuals are being sought out who want to train hard and learn proper Taekwondo. Also, dedicated parents are being sought out who want their children to really learn true Korean Taekwondo, Filipino Kali, learn Kickboxing skills and realistic self defense for real world situations. No shortcuts! just good honest training!"  

---  Instructor Andrew Allwander


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