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White Dragon Dojang

Master Andrew Allwander

The White Dragon Dojang was founded in 2011 in Hoover, Alabama, teaching private students in martial arts, meeting them where they were at. Students came to instructor Allwander's training sessions or he came to them. Beginning in 2012 he held full classes at a YMCA for nearly 2 years until he progressed beyond it in order to further develop his training program and have more availability to clients. He then moved to Clanton, Alabama and held private training specializing in MMA striking using Taekwondo and had success with helping a fighter earn a victory in amateur MMA. He has now moved back to Eugene, Oregon where he is Originally from. He is able to meet clients wherever they are at: parks, gyms, garages, anywhere people find a space to train in the Eugene area. 

Instructor Andrew Allwander is a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo and licensed master instructor certified by the Kukkiwon in Korea. After training more than half of his life in Taekwondo he traveled to Korea and lived there for about a year training in Taekwondo and MMA. He earned his 4th degree and master ranks in Korea. He has over 21 years of training experience. He has been to the Philippines twice once for 6 weeks and the other for a whole month. He was able to train in martial arts in the Philippines and has earned the rank of Level 2 Basic Level Instructor in Ensayo Kali Tactical system. He also has experienced various other martial arts styles such as Judo, Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (active competitor), Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Tang Soo Do, Combatives, Systema, Target Focus Training, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wrestling. However, he is not ranked in any other style but Taekwondo and Kali and BJJ. He is considered an expert in martial arts techniques as well as martial arts knowledge and writes various blog articles and has been published online by Moosin Magazine, an online martial arts magazine based in Seoul, Korea about Taekwondo and current trends in the martial arts world and self defense techniques. 

He was born in Eugene, Oregon and began training in Taekwondo at the age of 13 and trained hard in Taekwondo. When he was a green belt he fought in the National Jr. Olympics Taekwondo tournament in Orlando, Florida, but was wrongfully disqualified for excessive head contact. From this point on he made sure that his Taekwondo training was for self defense and real world fighting instead of limiting sport competitions. He became an assistant instructor in Springfield and Eugene, Oregon under his teacher. 

At age 16 right before his black belt test he was hit by a car and almost died, dramatically changing his athletic career. With great perseverance, determination, and mental strength, he tested 6 months later under the late Grandmaster Tae Hong Choi of Portland, Oregon for his 1st dan black belt. Later he trained in Louisville, Kentucky under the late Grandmaster Kwan Sung Lee and earned his 2nd dan. Several years later he earned his 3rd dan black belt, under Master D.S. Shinn (from Michigan) who knew Grandmaster Lee. He is now living in Korea and training in martial arts and has earned his 4th dan black belt  from the Gyeongi-du Taekwondo Association through Master Jeong in Korea, and became a certified master Instructor under the Kukkiwon also specially acknowledged by the Korean Taekwondo Association which only residence living in Korea can get. He focuses his training on full contact martial arts to get people fit for self defense. Master Allwander is registered with the Kukkiwon as 4th dan and also ranked 3rd dan with the IMF (International Martial-Arts Federation). He is a licensed international, master instructor under the Kukkiwon. 

When he studied at Biola Univerity he created an MMA club called The Biola Fight Club which lasted from 2007-2009. Lots of submission grappling was studied and MMA stand up striking. He also was able to learn basic Eskrima/Kali and participated in Filipino cultural events on campus as well as other Asian events promoting cultural exchange doing stick fighting demo with Filipino Americans and a Taekwondo demonstration with a Korean American master. Over the many years since graduating he has studied stick and knife fighting and eventually went to the Philippines again to train extensively in the Ensayo Kali Tactical system of martial arts studying stick, blade and empty hand techniques and earned the rank of Level 2 Basic Instructor. 

While living in Korea he actively competed in Brazilian Jiu JItsu and studied Mixed Martial Arts. Full contact fighting in Korea is called Kyeoktuki which is how Taekwondo is practiced in a real fight. This is what Master Allwander embraces and teaches. 

The White Dragon Dojang's philosophy is that martial arts are for everyone and anyone no matter the age, experience, or gender. Everyone can learn effectively, regardless of a desire to compete in full contact combat sports or only wanting self defense. Of course black belt rank requires a person to have sparring experience, but if you just want to learn the art of Taekwondo and how to protect yourself, then there is always a place in the dojang for you. On the other hand, if you want to compete in MMA or full contact Kickboxing there is definitely a place for you in the dojang, too! True Taekwondo is a self defense art first and a sport second. Taekwondo training should give the practitioner the ability to totally devastate an attacker. As a sport, true Taekwondo competition is a full contact Olympic sport accepted by the International Olympic Committee with distinct full contact rules and can also be modified for Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts competitions. Master Allwander teaches all of that but seriously focuses on MMA and self defense more than Olympic sport. 

Master Allwander comes from a traditional Martial Arts background, yet embraces modern aspects of combat. You will get expert advice from both worlds. Unlike some Martial Arts instructors, Master Allwander has actually used his skills in real life self defense encounters. He has real street fighting experience. He is always seeking out new teachings from different masters in various martial arts techniques. Furthermore, Andrew is very knowledgeable about obstacles in life such as injuries or physical constraint, having gone through 10 surgeries. Physical therapy and recovery time for these was substantial, and the permanent effects still pose challenges to him today. Yet he still trains despite this. Master Allwander will be able to figure out how to work around issues, to give you the best self defense techniques. Techniques that fit you. 


Master Allwander specializes in stand up striking techniques using Taekwondo as a base for Kickboxing and self defense with basic grappling. This is Taekwondo for the streets! Taekwondo for self defense and MMA. He also specializes in weapons such as sticks and blades through Kali. This is real self defense and street fighting. The White Dragon Dojang is the dojang that comes to you! Schedule a private lesson today!