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True, traditional Korean Taekwondo as trained in Korea, Kyeoktuki (Taekwondo for MMA and Kickboxing), weapons from Filipino Kali: sticks, blades empty hands, and combative self defense to save your life are available! 

Contact Instructor Andrew Allwander if you want to know more about signing up for martial arts instruction for the Eugene, Oregon area! WDD meets you where you are at. You request the instruction, you set up appointments! You set up the training space such as your home, garage, church, school, office building, your dojo/dojang/gym whatever. Martial arts lessons are available for private 1-1 lessons, small groups, seminars, or even a larger class if you have the people and space available. 
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(458) 221-0304

*Try a free training session! No obligations! No annoying pressure sales tactics! And that's the truth! Either you like it or you don't.   

Master Allwander is no longer teaching a Family Karate Center. You must schedule time at a location of your own choosing and set it up. 

Email at address above for details!